I’m Late! I’m Late!!

…reminds me of that bunny rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

oh well. this is becoming a trend.

any ideas on how to stop this from becoming a habit?

will power and discipline aside, that is.

*sigh* mornings are such a drag.

especially now that the weather is sooo conducive to sleeping in and snuggling.

u’d think… go out and brave manila’s traffic >EDSA sux< or just stay in ur own cozy bed, dreaming of things to come?

well… the latter sounds sooo tempting. but of course, the former has to be the more practical decision. go to work and actually DO work. or stay at home, with no pay, and witness urself turn into a pauper… you chose.

geeez. looking at it from this angle, it looks as if it’s not much of a choice.

You do things, because you have to. That feeling sucks.

Why can’t we do it because we actually WANT to?

sh*t. oh well. maybe one of these days, I’ll get over it.

life sucks… and it’ll continue to suck unless I change this outlook of mine.

is that a good thing or a bad thing?

sheeesh. I’m late. and I have yet to see next week through.

hmmm… what did that rabbit do again? did he get rid of that golden watch of his? hehehe… I’ll rid myself of time. Just give me the power to. =)


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