Oh, please…

It’s annoying when people keep on commenting on how lucky you are, saying how much they’d want to be you, even for just an hour. They say this over and over again. As if chanting. Waiting for fate to turn their way and miracles of miracle, put them in your shoes.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind. Let them feel what it is I’m feeling. I want to see how they handle things. I want to know what they will do given the same circumstance that surrounded me. I want to witness the outcome… of what they will become.

Everybody has this idea that my life is easy.

Easy and simple.

As if I haven’t a worry in the world. As if am fed not only by a silver spoon… but also of a golden one.

It’s flattering. Really. But only to a certain extent. Going beyond that, it becomes annoying.


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