I may be suffering from this.

Clinically, this is a term for neurological or psychological phenomena where vague images are interpreted by the brain as specific images. Statistically speaking, it is a type I error, a “false positive”.

Perhaps most of us are. >suffering from it, i mean<

Though am not limiting this to images. Am expanding the definition of this term to cover one’s personality as well.

Let me expound on that.

When somebody treats you well, don’t you generally put that person under the category “nice”? or something to that effect. Well, let’s say that the person “appearing” nice… that’s the vague image. You, classifying him under the nice category is the specific image.

We tend to do that. Assume and judge. Even before facts are presented. I don’t have any objection to it, we’re all entitled to our own opinion and the freedom of expression… the tricky part is when everything has been laid out, and your previous assumption has been proven wrong, but you still insist on what you primarily believed to be true. That’s bigotry.

I know it’s hard to turn the other way. Especially if the idea is contrary to your own sets of principles or beliefs. But you don’t have to adhere to it, all you need to do is understand and accept that such things exist.

Can you see the contradiction am presenting? The challenge is to integrate these contradictions to actually form one harmonious thought. And then act on that thought.

The problem is, we are from a very diverse environment. Each of us has a different perception on every idea, every action. So how can we resolve this?

Simple. We don’t. Let things be. The world would be boring if we were all the same. Imagine, all of us acting like a collective. >lol< am not prepared to be a cyborg. besyds, it’ll kill the thrill of discovering a person.

This is now the part where I no longer make sense. Or would have lost my primary thought.


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