Tabula Rasa

What do you think is the best defense mechanism?

I mean, don’t take it for granted… the human brain has developed specific methods that allow it to cope. You think that you can handle all that trauma or problems without a little help? Either subconsciously or consciously, we do something that helps us “get rid” or alleviate the emotions that we feel… coz if we don’t, we’d be half way in the afterlife already or all the way to the loony bin.

Who do you think are more blessed?

…those that have succumbed to the pressures of life… and in turn, has left the world of reality?

…or those who are still hanging on to that thin line, bordering on sanity and insanity?

We belittle the mentally incapacitated… thinking that we are luckier. But are we? Can’t you see that they are happier? Living in a world of their own, where you and I don’t exist. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? No society to dictate what should and shouldn’t be. No pressure. No stress. You may be all alone, yes, but would you know what solitude even means?

I continually wonder at what it would be like… losing yourself, even for a minute. It may be bliss. Or I may be wrong. Nobody can say. The only ones who could give us a glimpse of such a world are lost… in themselves. And there’s no way for us to be able to determine what it feels, what they felt.


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