Browsing through journals, one line made me look twice. The catchy phrase went something like this: “When people write expressive essays about problems in their lives, they frequently experience beneficial outcomes.” A truth here and there. Made me think about the effectivity of emotional catharsis, a.k.a. talking-out therapy. Most of us feel better when we’ve unburdened ourselves to our friends, colleagues, strangers or to anybody who’s willing to listen. I mean, it’s an accepted fact that such an action indeed helps us get by. Perhaps, the same theory applies to the writing out stuff. If we let our thoughts course through our fingertips, if we let out all the anger, the stress, the pain and put them on paper, then somehow, in some little >or big< way, the feeling is abated. Such an outlet becomes therapeutic in nature, whether or not we’re aware of it. Take for example, writing a blog. Why have you continued doing it in the first place? Well, it is understandable that you may have initiated it on a whim, but why update it every now and then? To satisfy your need to express, you either vent it out verbally, or do it in writing, either way, it is a form of helping yourself. Pent up emotions take a lot out of us. The proponents of this theory may have something going on here…


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