been a while, huh? Since I’ve last seen you. 

This crazy world kept trying to draw me in. Draw me in and imprison me. Almost succeeded, mind you. If not for my intrinsically rebellious nature. The voices that beckon, might’ve saved me after all. This time. 

Ahhh, and the world still turns. Always trying to snatch me. Have to keep my guard up at all times, else I get ensnared. And we know how that’ll end. 

I’m trying to get work done. Yet my mind travels to this distant place. I can’t focus. 

Why do people drift apart? The question nibbled somewhere in my consciousness. One thing’s certain, it’s by choice. 

Flight of Ideas. Even my thoughts are all over the place. 

One more week like this and I’d be homicidal in no time. 

that place again. my mind keeps bringing me there. I don’t have time for this. I can’t stop now and indulge my brain in whatever it fancies. 

it might mean something. I know it does. But…


the chaos betrays this calmness

forced into a smile

the pain basks in numbness

hiding beneath his guile

no one sees it for what it is

no one cared to know

in those eyes lies no bliss

anger it has sowed


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