Haverday dad

A myriad of emotion I can hardly describe
Triggered by this day
You’re a part of my past, my childhood, my life
You helped me find my way

You were that silent presence from my growing years
Steadfast, resilient, strong
I took for granted that you’ll forever stay near
Looks like time proved me wrong

I’ve wondered about you, what it would’ve been like
If we never drifted apart
If you lived on and as a family we’d be
And if we righted things from the start

But life isn’t as gracious, it’s been seven years
Since the time of your demise
I’ve cried all my pain, dried all my tears
And continuously heeded your advise

You’ll forever be the dad I never had
And you’ll be remembered always
Conflicted emotions, both happy and sad
Will accompany me all my days.


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