take aways

raves and rants: 

things I’ve learned…

1. that anyone who doesn’t believe in a God hasn’t really communed with nature, hasn’t taken the time to look around and see the miracles that surround us. How can you not believe after experiencing the torrential waves of the sea? after feeling the warmth of the sun on your face? After seeing breathtaking views? How can you not believe if you have, for one second, thought about it? 

2. that as much as I adore the forests and the sea, I am a career person. That I’m more befitting in the hustle and bustle of an over crowded city life, than the natural wonders of nature. That I’d adapt more to the jungle of the city than the amazon’s (or elsewhere for that matter)

3. that sand tastes bad

4. that sea water tastes worst than sand

5. that you can’t laugh while snorkelling, it’ll drown you

6. that I am loved, and I am really glad that I am

7. that one needs sun block

8. that crocs aren’t suited for beach wear

9. that the instinct to panic works for me

10. to listen to the locals, especially when they say that it’s better to leave the boat

11. that sea sickness will become a part of you

…all I can remember for now. I have gotta go back to work. Will update this as more comes to mind. I just wanted a rough draft anyhoo. 


One response to “take aways

  1. Realization :
    1. That indeed your a poet and a romantics.
    2. U prove the essence of individual differences.
    3. That to commune with nature once in while brings out the naturalist that is too well hidden in you.

    4. I realize that you’re not thapt street smart coz most of your realizations are funny coz that can be figure out by a 4year old..

    …and last but not the least yes you’re being loved not only by some royalties. But also you are well loved by the people that surrounds you, ordinary people like the guy in : notting hill.

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