Mama’s Postcard


I have decided to tell a story. One for each “physical representation” of a memory that I’ve collected a long time ago. No particular reason really. No dreams of glory or fame. No fear for alzheimer or deterioration. There will be no format, no specific literary type to follow. This is free flowing, like a free verse.

This picture, I believe, would be a good start.

Still brings tears to my eyes. And I do not think that such tears will ever stop. Just the word, the term “mama” is enough to make me the Niagara of tears. I have blurred the contents because despite my resolve to tell a story, I still value my privacy.

She wrote “we love you, we miss you very much” …If she only knew that such words are now my daily mantra for her. I do not remember when she wrote and sent me this postcard, most probably decades ago from now. I remember being excited receiving this. Though being a teen with a boyfriend, of course I didn’t really think much of it. But I kept it in my vaults of vaults because it was… it is still special to me. She was a continent away and I was still in her thoughts. Now she’s a dimension, or dimensions, away and she is forever in my thoughts. 

(To be updated)


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