It’s been a while huh? I’ve hardly been able to write. It’s difficult to summon my prince nowadays. Now back to my snatches, looks like all I could do right about now is rave and rant. Lookie what I found. It’s a part of a past I’ve long forgotten. Couldn’t tell now if it was a painful one. Perhaps not. Not really. Not in the same sense as the previous ones? But they weren’t painful either. Ramblings. That’s what I have. It’s what I’ve done of late. So… back to the pic… what memories are attached to it? A very distant past. Of a life I no longer live. I actually found myself in this memory lane not so long ago. I was pondering on the “what ifs”… waste of time, I know. But… fun and enlightening nonetheless. What happened? I couldn’t even tell anymore. Was he ever a boyfriend? Not in the conventional sense. He was a good friend. Did I fall in love? No. There was only ever one. Until now that is. Mine was a love for martyrs. I’m getting distracted again. So what about the pic? Long ago, I was naive. And self conscious. And happy go lucky. I loved the fair. Hated the people. Not all though. I gained friends. Kept for life. Snatches: roses, again. What’s with roses anyway? Looking back,  I think our maid was spot on when she remarked that I could’ve opened a flower shop with all the roses I received. And a stuff toy shop. It was a time when guys still believed that girls go for the stuffed toys, letters and flowers type of wooing. I was more into letters than anything else. But grammatical errors annoyed me. Not that my own was flawless but it was better 😛 I couldn’t care less for stuffed toys. They accumulated dust. As for the flowers? Well, they’ve always been beautiful. Snatches: he was a guy who prioritized his family. Wouldn’t have worked. I was way too demanding. He gave me a bit of a heartache, I’d admit. Until I cared less and less. And then next thing I knew, things started falling apart before anything was even established in the first place. How did I get myself in that?

Wasn’t swept off my feet I guess. Too many obstacles. Too immature. Hated every moment of it. It ended in chaos. But doesn’t everything in my life? Too many lessons learned. Still very grateful though.

***for updating


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