I’ve been putting off both reading and writing for a while now. I can’t seem to find the words of late. I could not give an opinion on fave quotes… but believe me, the thoughts are all there… just couldn’t seem to jot them down. I could not materialize my thoughts. Solidify my raves and rants. I’ve been browsing through articles, books, studies and/or all interesting TBR list. Just browsing, going through them and bookmarking… intended to be read at a later time, but could not find exactly when that “time” is. Why am i wasting precious time? It isn’t like i have a lot of it.

So what do i intend to do? At this point, I am still unsure. Of course I would love to live each moment to its fullest. That’s what my 2015 is going to be about. We’ll see.

I am a lover of words. Words seduce me. It’s a passion. And yet… they seem to elude me. For now at least. My thoughts are too dangerous to be published. Even if nobody really reads this. I still wouldn’t want it “out there”. Not those thoughts.

What now then? Live. Breathe. Live.


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