people make noise

they rattle and prattle

they think they have lots to say 

but it’s nothing but tattle 

I can’t even compare them 

to any animal known to man

because if I do so

is a slight, an insult, a sham

they’re poison at their worst

parasites at best

fodder for the brainless

a horde at one’s behest 

aleck solier 


Requiescat In Pacem

when I leave this world

look not for me under the dried ground

but look up and see me beneath the skies
when I pass from this realm

weep not for my absence from your crowd

but feel my presence in the gentle wind
find solace in my words, those that I’ve writ

know that this heart belongs to you and only you

that I will always be a part of your soul 
on a cold day, let our memories warm you up

and when you are down, let the same memories lift your spirits 

look back with fondness and love 
it matters not how I leave this world

you were my salvation, my life, my soul

I lived and not merely existed
…and this is enough 


Untitled Series #03

in hushed tones

and behind shadows

in a far away land

beyond the meadows
beneath the stars 

and under these skies

in a blanket woven

of breaking sunrise
by the shores 

of forgotten heartaches

pulsating dreams 

and constant heartbreaks
there lies one 

who is worth it all

the risk, the pain

the bottomless fall

Untitled Series #02

I yearn for your touch, 

your kiss and embrace

To listen to you talk, 

Hear your laugh and see your face
I long for your presence,

I am captivated, beguiled

Enchanted by your wit,

your darling grin and radiant smiles
I adore each moment

every second is treasured

each day I love you more

and this love is unmeasured 


Those piercing eyesPenetrating gaze

Those loving arms

A warm embrace 
Those soft lips

Intense kisses

Those staunch hands

Caressing misses
His baritone voice

A soothing calm

His tender kiss

My lulling balm
His gentle touch

My very weakness

His drop dead smile

The sun in this darkness
He who has enamored

this soul from its perch

He who has brought back

lost love and mirth