The past imprisons us

In memories of grandeur

Of lives long gone 

Of lost loves and stature 
The past imprisons us 

In ideals and hopeful wishes 

Of blissful summers

Love letters and sweet kisses
This past that imprisons

Are but memories now

Of old smiles and old pains 

Throbbing echoes somehow 
~aleck solier


Placebo of the heart

I yearn to be in your arms
To look in your eyes and see
The same feelings that I have
The same passion and intensity

Tell me your sweet lies
Let me listen and believe
Delude my heart and mind
That all your attention I receive

For a moment, be mine
Heal this void, fill this hole
Give me that, which I desire
To experience being whole


Let me go, set me free
For i can no longer bear the torment
Of moments past, such memories
Yearnings of old, too ancient

I beg, remember me no more
For your thoughts call out to mine
I’ve lost my soul, my heart, my core
And of late, even losing my mind

I hear your whispered promises
And feel your longing embrace
The zephyr brings your soft kisses
With a yearning that i can almost taste

Yet all these, i know, to be illusions
For our paths have long severed
These are all but my delusions
To bury… to forget forever

*sciamachy: fighting your own shadows


I am restless. I have been restless for the past few days. Weeks, really. I took a long vacation from work in hopes of sleeping. Yet i found no sleep. I’ve used all the sleeping jutsu techniques i know. Still nothing.

Perhaps one of these days
We shall meet again
Life, as we know it, shall continue
until then.

Perhaps i’ll see you in my dreams
Or in my mind’s eye
Perhaps a “hi”, a hug or kiss
to mark our final goodbye