6th of January

Happy Birthday

It was one hell of a ride

We both had fun, didn’t we? 

We’ve put everyone aside 

Life back then was simpler 

The world ceased to exist

We only had eyes for each other

And time would not desist 

Foolish youth, we’ve been told

Foolhardy, we have been 

You and me against the world

Caught right in between 


I am love’s fool

I am love’s fool

Under the spell of those piercing eyes

Memories that replay moments 

Conversations that wouldn’t die 

Those hands that are still on mine

Long after you have gone

And that kiss that lingered behind 

Days – nay – weeks, after it was done

Then the silence that followed 

Knowing not what went wrong

The moments seemed perfect

Until I felt I didn’t belong 

I’ve always been a stranger

To the world you hold dear 

A world that you built 

Out of angst and your own tears 

You live in a place

Where there is love for another

Who’s broken your heart 

And will never be your lover 

And here I am

Cast to the side 

Bared my own love 

Now buried alive 

I’ve hidden it deep 

Yet it stirs when it sees you

It tries to remind me

Of what once was true 

I am love’s fool 

For I could not forget 

How your lips felt on mine

Every thought with regret 

In those days 

In those days of darkness

My only salvation was a voice

Beckoning, teasing, whispering 

The only silence amidst the noise 

In those days I lingered 

Blindly through corridors 

That sole voice guiding 

Through my mind’s many floors

I went through various levels 

Empty rooms and solid walls

Through this place I’ve traipsed 

Bloodied by many falls