How fleeting, this feeling One moment you’re important 

The next, you’re neglected
How quaint, this emotion

In a blink you’re loved

On another, you’re hated
How volatile, these people

Hypocritical. Fickle. 

Self righteous and brittle 


Train to BusanĀ 

Well. Why is train to busan such a hit? Simple. It shows us the nature of men. Humanity’s capacity to both be cruel and kind. Loving and spiteful. Of hope and hopelessness. Of selfishness and greed but also of selflessness and generosity. Which character can you relate with? The tough and loving Sang-hwa? Whose love for his wife and unborn child manifesting, not only in his will to survive but also, in his will for others to survive, with hopes of them protecting his family. 
Or are you the selfish Seok-woo? Unaware of his own selfishness at first, needing his daughter to jolt him to reality by pointing it out. Puts his self interest above everyone else’s but eventually learns that he won’t survive like that. 
Do you see yourself as the innocent Su-an? Still viewing everything with curiosity and wonder, unmarred by this world’s ugliness. Perceiving the world in black and white, with the understanding that only a child can afford. 
Will you be the manipulative Yong-suk? Driven by his desire to survive, he will use others to further his own interest. In the end, he only wanted to see his mother. Regardless of how noble a goal, his strategy to achieve this is unapologetic, inhumane and outright dirty. 
This may be the product of overthinking but the reflection it triggered is more than welcome.