How fleeting, this feeling One moment you’re important 

The next, you’re neglected
How quaint, this emotion

In a blink you’re loved

On another, you’re hated
How volatile, these people

Hypocritical. Fickle. 

Self righteous and brittle 


Introspected ABCs

a burdened charity dost entail
faux generosity habitually inhaled

jaunts, keepsakes left macerated
nothing omitted, personally quantitated

reason sifted through ubiquitously
vehement will yearned zealously

***Trying the ABC style of poem creation/writing…

DEFINITION: Poetry in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. The first word begins with A, the second with B, etc.


One grueling day after the other.
And the minutes span into hours,
the hours into eternity.
The emptiness has settled in
trivialities just lost its allure.
People become drones
and drones become annoying.
I am pledged into silence.
I listen, I hear.
I am this life’s witness.
their existence is a mockery.
This stage will soon crumble.
and the drama will finally cease.